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m+plus will build a supply chain platform with block chain method
in order to distribute pharmaceuticals and functional foods
that require strict distribution management.


MEDIC GROUP FUTURE SDN BHD Executive Director Hirotsugu Tanaka Interview at Kuala Lumpur



We would like to inform you that m+plus project will be a main sponcer of "HYDE ACOUSTIC CONCERT TOUR 2018" on 12th May at KUALA LUMPUR.
We are aiming to improve awareness and build "Japan Brand" in Malaysia.


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what is m+plus

is it real?

For example, are the ingredients genuine when you buy a medical product or functional food? Up until now, there are quite amount of counterfeit and imitated articles that leads to a doubt in the circulation of medical products and functional foods. In fact, the Medic group has increased a tremendous amount of management cost to execute international distribution accurately. In other words, it means the price at the place of purchase has to be increased because of such expenses. We, the Medic group in correlation with manufacture of medical products and health food in Malaysia, will create an international platform of medical supplies through block-chain technology for the improvement of world health and the eradication of diseases.


what m+plus does

supply chain

With the application of the block chain method, we can most certainly build a platform to distribute medical products and health food. While decentralized, a safe means of doing business can still be constructed.

halal cert

Within the supply chain, one-fourth of the world's population follows the Islamic faith, therefore it is very important to be able to offer Halal-certified products within these markets. Since we are in Malaysia, we take the responsibility of properly distributing Halal-certified products very seriously.

global health

One of our company's products is "Silk Fibroin." It is officially permitted by the Malaysian government to be imported, and its effectiveness has been recognized in many other countries. With this technology we feel we can help the people of the world in a more egalitarian fashion, and in return contribute to the betterment of the world's health.

what we do

everyone in this world is young

In many developed countries, a serious decline in birthrate and an aging population; while in Asian and African countries, there are sudden increase in population growth, and throughout the world abnormal weather events continue to occur. Humanity is being flooded with problems and challenges like never before. However throughout the world little-known, innovative medical antiaging technology exists, and there are already products out there that are applying the said technology. For people throughout the world to truly forever be youthful and beautiful both inside and out, to truly enrich everyone's lives, what is really needed? One of the answers lies in the distribution revolution made possible by the new block chain method.

It may be said that something is truly good, however, it is easy to run into something that isn't the genuine article, and imitation or a forgery. What's more, a system that lets the consumer know whether or not the product is counterfeit or not isn't readily available. This results in the hindrance of normal international transport costs. Because of that, it is much harder for new medical technology and products to find their way to the people of the world. When block chain technology is applied to sales of medical products on an international platform, by managing business information history such as raw materials used and manufacturing sites, the system can help ensure that business dealings are done quickly and accurately.

Through the use of business platform, many food and medical product manufacturers utilizes the world's excellent product to be traded reliably at a low cost. If this system is realized, everyone can greatly benefit.

From the Malaysia pharmaceutical business to inside Japan, and also through overseas distribution, from manufacturing to distribution to sales, we provide comprehensive group management. We will demonstrate this business system and aim for a new high standard for medical product business dealings on an international platform.


products handled

For ten years, we have manufactured the following products as a business practice. Because we have extensive knowledge of the manufacturing and distribution process, we can apply the blockchain method to the new high international standard.


Silk Fibroin

Multi-function nano-level silk fibroin fat absorption product which helps promote and maintain health and beauty


"The first half of 2018 (February to June):
Start ICO (Pre-sale)
Transfer headquarter function to Malaysia
Acquire one of Malaysia' s
top 5 major pharmeceutical companies
Establish a liaison office in Japan (April 9th)"

The second half of 2018 (July to Decamber):
Start the block chain platform commerces
Decision to Halal certified silk fibroin
Start the production of goods in Malaysia.

The second half of 2019 (July to December):
Japan joins the world's leading pharmaceutical companies in the platform alliance
Halal-certified product manufacturing company (OEM) along with Japanese business commence commodity distribution in Islamic markets.

First half of 2019 (January to June):
Super placenta medicine authorized
Block chain platform internal operations begins
China, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korean and other countries join the distribution platform

ico initial coin offering

Time Period Bonus Sales

We are recruiting for phase three, announcement will be done from time to time.
When reaching a recruitment limit for a time period, your request will be moved to the next available time period, so it is best to enroll early.

token allocation

token graph

use of funds

token funds



Executive Director
Hirotsugu Tanaka

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Developer Akihisa Ishida

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Developer
Akihisa Ishida

Chief Designer Yoshihiro Yamada

Chief Designer
Yoshihiro Yamada

Chief of Customer support team Sayako Kudo

Chief of Customer support team
Sayako Kudo

Project Info

Project Name
m+plus project
Hirotsugu Tanaka
A2-07-09, arcoris Soho, 10, jalan mont kiara, mont Kiara 50480, Kuala Lumpur.
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